Course readings

Electronic course readings can be provided to students in a number of ways. Best practice is to link to the materials. If you require PDFs to be created by digitising print materials, contact the Library for assistance.

Best practice for providing access to electronic course readings is to provide students with hyperlinks to the content. This applies to the UNSW Library's subscription content, to content that is freely available online and to content that has been digitised from print.

UNSW Library’s subscription content

The UNSW Library subscribes to a large, diverse collection of electronic resources specifically selected for UNSW staff and students.

Using these resources as electronic course readings is simple. For most resources, links can be created directly to articles in the Library collection. For more information see How to provide course resources for your students.

Some publishers and platforms allow PDFs to be downloaded and then uploaded to a learning management system like Moodle. It is still best to provide links to the resources instead of using the PDFs.

Freely available online content

The best way to use freely available online content as course readings is to provide students with a link to the content.

The Library generally will not host freely available online content in its High Use Collection.

Digitised print content

If you wish to provide your students with electronic access to resource that currently only exists in print, the Library can help.

The Library can digitise and provide links to reasonable amounts of copyright materials in its collection for educational purposes. Under the current arrangements with the Copyright Agency, the following limits apply:

  • 10% of the pages or one chapter, whichever is greater
  • one article, or more if the articles relate to the same subject matter
  • 15 pages of an anthology.

For online communication, the copying limits of digitised copyright material apply on a per course basis. 

If there is a book chapter or journal article that the UNSW Library only holds in print form, you can request a digitised copy. For more information see How to provide course resources for your students.

Copyright print and graphic material that is being communicated must have a Copyright Warning Notice appear immediately before or at the same time as the copyright material is being viewed. The Copyright Warning Notice is available in pdf, jpeg and gif formats.

A note about open online courses

The information above pertains to course readings for UNSW students where all students are enrolled at UNSW. For more information about the materials you can use if you have students in your course that are not enrolled students of UNSW, see Open online courses.

Specific information about other electronic course materials:

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