Electronic course materials

Using electronic materials in UNSW courses is easy. Use of electronic materials may be subject to copyright or licensing restrictions, depending on the materials. The Library can help you navigate these restrictions.

Using course materials can seem complicated, but it doesn't need to be. The basic rules are below, and the finer points are in the pages linked at the bottom of this page. If you need further assistance, the Library is happy to help.

Electronic course materials for enrolled UNSW students
There is blanket permission for images as long as they are cited correctly. This includes supporting images such as graphs and figures taken from articles.
For text materials, best practice is to provide a hyperlink to the resource.
  • For licensed eJournal articles and eBooks, best practice is to create a link and place this on your course management system e.g. Moodle.
  • If your resource is not available online, the Library can assist with digitising print materials. The following restrictions apply:
    • For print books, 10% of the pages or 1 chapter can be digitised, whichever is greater.
    • For print journal articles, 1 article can be digitised or more if they relate to the same subject.

For more information see How to provide course resources for your students.

Video content from YouTube or The Box can be embedded if it’s embeddable. The Library also subscribes to a number of film and video databases that can be used.
For music, UNSW has a blanket music licence that will allow you to use whatever music you need.

Using course materials is easy thanks to the educational statutory licence of the Copyright Act 1968. The educational statutory licence (previously known as Part VB) gives educational institutions the ability to reproduce and communicate text and images (works) for the educational purposes of the institutions.  Its benefit is limited to enrolled students, however. For more information about materials you can use if you have students in your course that are not enrolled students of UNSW, see Open online courses.

Use of the electronic resources to which the Library subscribes is also limited to staff and students and UNSW. For more information about preparing materials for individuals who are not staff or students of UNSW, see Open online courses.

Specific information about electronic course materials:

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