Course sharing websites

There are a number of course sharing websites that specialise in the uploading, sharing and selling of academic works such as lecture notes, course outlines and old exam papers. Examples of such websites include:

  • CourseHero
  • Studoc
  • Nexus Notes
  • Student VIP
  • Thinkswap

In accordance with the UNSW's Intellectual Property Policy, course materials such as lectures notes that are produced by UNSW staff during the course of their employment, belong to UNSW. Therefore uploading and sharing such course materials on these websites constitute a copyright infringement.

To have your course materials removed from the website, you will need to claim a copyright infringement to the content provider and ask for the work to be taken down. Check the terms of use for the website to find out how to claim an infringement.

If the content provider is an American company, as is the case with CourseHero, then the claim should be labelled as a DMCA notice (under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Please contact your Outreach Librarian or the Library Compliance Officer for further advice.

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