Library Client Survey Results

In August 2011, UNSW Library conducted a Library Client Survey to find out what you think about our services and facilities. We received 4,632 responses to the survey which is a great response and we thank you for your participation.

The survey asks a number of questions which contribute to scores in five key areas;

  • Communication
  • Service delivery
  • Facilities & equipment
  • Library staff
  • Information resources

The Library had previously run the same survey in 2009 and we are pleased to note that we improved in every area except Facilities & Equipment.

What you liked about the Library

Our Staff
Four of the top performing responses for the Library relate to our staff. You believe that our staff are approachable and helpful, that they treat clients fairly and without discrimination, that they are readily available and that they provide accurate answers to client enquiries.

Our Online Resources
Another response where the Library performed strongly was your satisfaction with our online resources (e.g. e-journals, databases & e-books. You believe that they meet clients learning and research needs.

Our Facilities
You were also very satisfied with the wireless network access provision in the Library.

Areas where you felt the Library could improve

Our Facilities and Equipment
You were less satisfied with the availability of quiet places and group study areas in the Library, and also with the availability of computers in the Library.

We have undertaken a great deal of work to improve the facilities in the Main Library since 2009, but we acknowledge that it can be difficult to find a spare seat or group study space during the busy times of the semester and we will continue to look for ways to provide more seats both for quiet individual study and for group work.

Some of your dissatisfaction was probably directed at the Law Library which was clearly overcrowded last year. Over the end of year break we have refurbished that space and there are now 80% more seats than last year.

We have no current plans to significantly increase the number of PCs in the Library. However, we expect the recent introduction of wireless printing to reduce the demand on Library PCs and make them more available.

Our Physical Collections
The results also show that your satisfaction with being able to find items on the Library shelves is lower than we would hope.

We have a very large physical collection which is aging as the majority of more recent acquisitions are purchased in online formats. As more and more of our collections become available online, finding items on the shelves will become a less frequent, but still important part of using the Library. We plan to undertake a project this year to develop a long term plan for the management of our physical collections to ensure that items remain easy to find.

Thank you again for your feedback.