UNSW Library policy on left property

The UNSW Library operates at three locations; Main Library - Kensington, Law Library - Kensington, and Paddington Library - Paddington. All three locations offer a combination of individual study seating and group study spaces for the use of Library clients, particularly UNSW staff and students. Members of the public are also free to enter the facilities and use the print collections on site. They cannot book spaces, but are welcome to use available seating.

At peak periods during the academic year, the Library facilities can be extremely busy and it can be difficult to find a suitable study seat. This situation is often exacerbated by Library clients leaving their belongings in spaces, sometimes for long periods of time, while not actually using those spaces. The presence of other people's belongings usually deters Library clients from using the spaces.

As a result, the Library may take action to remove unattended belongings from Library spaces. At busy times, Library staff may patrol the seating areas and identify unattended personal belongings. They will leave a notice with the belongings indicating that unattended personal belongings will be removed. They will then return 30 minutes later and if the belongings are still unattended, they will remove them from the area.

Items removed will be taken initially to the Help Zone and then collected by Security staff to be taken to the security office on lower campus. Sheets of paper, food items or similar that could be construed to be litter may be discarded immediately.

This policy will apply to Group Study Rooms, Seminar Rooms and open seating areas.

January 2016