EndNote is a bibliographic software tool that allows you to store, organise and manage your references in a database called an EndNote library. These references can be linked to your word processing documents to instantly create in-text citations and bibliographies in your chosen referencing style.

Learn more about using EndNote:

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Obtaining a copy of EndNote

EndNote software is available from the IT Services website and is free to staff and students of UNSW, including COFA campus and UNSW Canberra.

Why do I need filters or connection files?

Filters are used when importing saved records from a database search into EndNote when direct export is not available.

Connection files enable EndNote to open, search and import references from University Library catalogues, such as Library Search and also from public library catalogues.

How do I find a connection file?

EndNote Connection Files include a full list of connection files.

Where do I find filters?

Filters are available from:

EndNote Full Text

With the EndNote client program you can automatically download pdf files and attach them to references in your EndNote library. This will work automatically on campus.

If you are off-campus, as a first step, you will need to complete the preference settings on the Edit menu of EndNote as follows:

Go to: Edit menu - preferences - find full text

Copy and paste the following addresses (clicking the links will not redirect you):

OpenURL path: http://sfx.nun.unsw.edu.au:9003/sfx_local
Authenticate with: https://login.wwwproxy0.library.unsw.edu.au/login

Tick all boxes, including the PubMed LinkOut box.

Please note: In order to maximize retrieval of full text, export references from databases into EndNote in the complete format (or nearest equivalent).

To begin the Find Full Text process, open your EndNote library and highlight the references for which you wish to locate and attach pdf files, and then click on the Find Full Text button on the EndNote tool bar.

You will be asked to authenticate with your UNSW zID and password.

The progress of the search is shown in the left-hand frame under Find Full Text.
Where a pdf has been located and attached a paperclip icon will appear against that reference in the EndNote library.

Please note that the find full text search does not always work, and you may still have to use the Library's catalogue to determine whether the Library has full text available for any particular journal.

EndNote Web

To establish an account with EndNote Web, access www.myendnoteweb.com from a computer on the UNSW network.
Note: you will need to login from a computer connected to the UNSW network at least once every twelve months.

How do I get help?