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How do I find ... books? | How do I find ... e-books?

How do I find ... books?

Search for books via Library Search

Search by:

  • author
  • title
  • keywords

Find a book on Library shelves

When you have found a book you want via Library Search:

  • check to see if the book is available
  • determine the location
  • write down the item number of the book
  • if the book is already out on loan, log in to myLibrary to reserve the book

How do I find ... e-books?

Search for e-books via Library Search. Narrow your search using Refine My Results.

Search by:

  • title
  • title keywords

Can I print from an e-book?

  • copyright rules apply, which means that users can copy only small sections of an e-book, e.g. 10% or a chapter
  • publishers allow differing amounts to be printed and in various formats, e.g. in PDF or in html

Can I save from an e-book?

Digital rights management means that restrictions are placed on users:

  • publishers do not usually allow users to save
  • if saving is permitted there may be time limits

Can I save my place in an e-book and make my own notes?

Because systems vary between publishers, e-books may offer:

  • the option to create a free account or bookshelf
  • detailed information via the help pages

What can I do if an e-book doesn't display properly?

E-books may sometimes not load properly. This may be because:

  • library subscription may only allow a restricted number of users at any one time. If so, try again later
  • some books may take a long time to load, due to file size.
  • your computer settings may need to be checked against our system requirements, e.g. you should have cookies enabled in your browser
  • you may need to empty your cache periodically
  • if you are off-campus, an organisational firewall may be affecting your access

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